Content Strategy

Work with C-level and Leadership team to identify yearly and quarterly business goals and develop a content strategy that works across sales, customer success, PR, and marketing teams to achieve those goals.

Deliverables: Content themes, Four-Five specific pieces, verticals, possible outlets, and distribution strategy.




Social Media Strategy

Review current business goals and develop a social media voice, and strategy to maximize interactions and engagement by platform. 

Deliverables: Strategy, frequency and brand voice by platform.




Email Content & Workflow Development

Work with sales & performance marketing team to under customer segmentation and user journey to develop email content and workflow for each touch point.

Deliverables: Workflow and Email content for up to six different touch points. 




Go-To-Market Strategy

Work with C-Level, Leadership, Marketing, and Sales team to develop a launch strategy by location.

Deliverables: GTM strategy with messaging, target publications, and PR plans.  




Event Strategy

Develop an event strategy for new and current clients.

Deliverables: Event theme, strategy, venue options, marketing plan.  



Event Strategy & Execution

Deliverable: Execute strategy from start to finish. 


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