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Startup Marketing for Startup Budgets



Bijal Shah

We focus on Brand Marketing for early-stage startups

Bijal Shah has over nine years of start-up marketing experience building brand awareness and user base for early-stage startups through content, events, and experiential marketing strategies in global markets such as USA, Australia, UK, Singapore, New Zealand, Italy, and Denmark. 





Brands Supported


Various publications include:



IAB, VidCon, SXSW, Affiliate Summit, Ad-Week, Gramercy Park Hotel, Ham Yard Hotel, Redbury Hotel



United Nations SDG, Dreamers // Doers, Tech Ladies, Ascent Fund NY





Bijal is a very talented individual. She is creative and innovative and also very good at handling clients and partners. She always strives to go above and beyond expectations and has often produced incredible unexpected results. I would recommend Bijal highly as I feel she would bring great value to any organization that is lucky to have her.
— Karl Alomar, COO Digital Ocean
Bijal the “Queen of Content”. She really is a content expert. She is able to tie a company’s business goals with a solid content strategy. Quality versus quantity of content is key for Bijal. She knows her audience and ensures that every piece of content resonates with the audience. It was a pleasure working with Bijal and I hope to have the opportunity to work her again in the future.
— Kristen Buzzaird, Product Marketing Manager,
Working with Bijal was a breath of fresh air! During our time together at Laureate Education, Bijal brought not just her skill set but her endless supply of creative ideas and positive attitude to our meetings. I greatly enjoyed working with Bijal, she was not afraid to work long hours to accomplish the task at hand…
— Ashley Vogelsang, Director of Marketing, Calvert School





Content Strategy

Work with C-level and Leadership team to identify yearly and quarterly business goals and develop a content strategy that works across sales, customer success, PR, and marketing teams to achieve those goals.

Deliverables: Content themes, Four-Five specific pieces, verticals, possible outlets, and distribution strategy.




Social Media Strategy

Review current business goals and develop a social media voice, and strategy to maximize interactions and engagement by platform. 

Deliverables: Strategy, frequency and brand voice by platform.




Email Content & Workflow Development

Work with sales & performance marketing team to under customer segmentation and user journey to develop email content and workflow for each touch point.

Deliverables: Workflow and Email content for up to six different touch points. 




Go-To-Market Strategy

Work with C-Level, Leadership, Marketing, and Sales team to develop a launch strategy by location.

Deliverables: GTM strategy with messaging, target publications, and PR plans.  




Event Strategy

Develop an event strategy for new and current clients.

Deliverables: Event theme, strategy, venue options, marketing plan.  



Event Strategy & Execution

Deliverable: Execute strategy from start to finish. 


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